About OPQuilt and Elizabeth E.

This is the quilting, sewing and clothing & textile blog of Elizabeth Eastmond, with some occasional Things to Think About-type posts.  It’s the offshoot of my regular blog, found at OccasionalPiece.blogspot.com, but this one concentrates on the creative life.

I teach English at the local community college, although my first love is writing, not grammar.  I do more quilting and creating in the summer, when I’m not knee-deep in lesson plans and grading, although I’ve been known to gaze longingly at the unused fabric when I’m in that mode.  But in another former life, I majored in Clothing and Textiles in college, earning an AS degree in Clothing and Construction, which along with the lessons at my mother’s knee, taught me not to be afraid of cloth–of cutting it, stitching it, ripping it up and starting all over again, if needs be.

I’m in the middle years, with four grown children and 11 grandchildren (9 of them are in the photo below).  My husband and I like to travel (travel blog is TraveledMind.com) and we’ve seen a lot of interesting foreign and domestic sights.

I love flowers, hate weeding, like small children especially those related to me, teach a Sunday lesson in the women’s auxiliary at church, go on walks with my husband four times a week, and am not crazy about hot hot hot weather.  So why do I live in Southern California?  My husband is a professor and I want to live where he does–and this is where he got his job.  So here we are.

One last note.  Although it might make me fabulously wealthy–rich enough to quit slogging through student papers–I receive no renumeration from any quilt entity or enterprises (esp. those) mentioned on these blog pages.  I’m not saying I wouldn’t be happy to be in cahoots with some of them and get some extra quilt moolah out of it, but at this present time, I’m on my own.  So, if you see ads–that’s the blog software I’m using.  Not me.