Good Heart Quilters

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Good Heart Quilters Meeting Dates and Places
Fall  2014 to Spring 2015
(We need a couple more places, if anyone’s interested.)
It’s nice to let the quilter know if you are coming, and bring an edible treat to share.

September 5, 2014 • Friday • after 7 p.m. • at Elizabeth’s
October 3, 2014• Friday • after 7 p.m. • at Caitlin’s
November 7, 2014• Friday • at Simone’s
**Yes, we are skipping December.**

 January 2015
We’ll be attending Road to California and then meeting for dinner on Friday, January 23rd at our usual El Torrito restaurant at 6 p.m.  Let Elizabeth know by mid-December if you’ll be attending the dinner so she can make reservations.
Road to California is the week of January 19th to 25th.
Coming (so far): Laurel, Jean, Elizabeth, Leisa, Simone, Lisa

February 6, 2015 • Friday • after 7 p.m. • at Charlotte’s

March 6, 2015 • Friday • after 7 p.m. • at Elizabeth’s

Diane's Date Night ClutchClutch Purse Sewing
Note: to make the purse, you’ll need to have purchased Diane’s pattern: Craftsy Pattern Found *here*
Order the “Date Night Clutch,” as it has the cool insert pattern included.
I can order it for you, but you’ll need to pay me ahead of time.
Making the clutch (so far): Lisa, Elizabeth, Simone, Leisa, Caitlin
Order Numbers: ONE frame: Lisa, Caitlin, Jennifer (will share a glue)
TWO frames: Simone (and one glue)
THREE frames: Leisa, Elizabeth (and one glue each)

Please let me know if you can do April, May or June dates in 2015.
July is our annual retreat, hosted by Lisa at her house.