Good Heart Quilters

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Good Heart Quilters Meeting Dates and Places
Fall to Winter 2014
(We need a couple more places, if anyone’s interested.)
It’s nice to let the quilter know if you are coming, and bring an edible treat to share.

September 5, 2014 • Friday • after 7 p.m. • at Elizabeth’s

October 3, 2014• Friday • after 7 p.m. • at Leisa’s

November 7, 2014• Friday • at Simone’s

**Yes, we skipped December.**

 January 2, 2015 • Friday
Do we want to start this at noon, with a potluck or something?
Then sew all afternoon? Otherwise, we’ll just do a regular Quilt Night.


February 6, 2015 • Friday • after 7 p.m.