About OPQuilt and Elizabeth E.

This is the quilting, sewing and clothing & textile blog of Elizabeth Eastmond, with some occasional Things to Think About-type posts.  It’s the offshoot of my regular blog, found at OccasionalPiece.blogspot.com, but this one concentrates on the creative life.

I teach English at the local community college, although my first love is writing, not grammar (ick!).  In an earlier life, I majored in Clothing and Textiles in college, earning an AS degree in Clothing and Construction, so I can design and sew bodice darts with aplomb, yet can also (and especially) stitch a straight seam. My husband and I like to travel (TraveledMind.com) and I have 11 grandchildren, all of them smarter and cuter than yours (if you have them).  Nine are in the photo below.

I love my vegetable garden, hate weeding, like small children especially those related to me, teach Sunday School at church, go on walks with my husband, and am not crazy about hot weather.  We live in Southern California because my husband is a professor and I want to live where he does.  So here we are.  I like to laugh at clean jokes, hate violent movies, refuse to have a battle of wits with unarmed persons and don’t suffer fools gladly.  I’m loyal, thrifty (except when near fabric stores), brave enough to kill spiders, kind, smart, and completely in love with my husband. And quilting.

One last note.  Although it might make me fabulously wealthy–rich enough to quit slogging through student papers–I receive no renumeration from any quilt entity or enterprises mentioned on these blog pages, whether in my writings or the ads at the bottom of my blogposts.