Good Heart Quilters


Good Heart Quilters 4th Annual Summer Retreat

July 10 and 11, from 9 a.m. to ??

See the flyer from Lisa for great details, but here are some: Lunches available for $3/meal, but please bring snacks, desserts, drinks or chocolate.  For dinners, we’ll decide together where to go.  Come early, stay late or pop in for a chat.
Special gift from Lisa for the first 18 retreaters!
Basic cutting supplies, irons, tables and chairs, power cords will be provided, but please bring your sewing machine, notions, and your own projects.

Please RSVP to Lisa by July 3rd.

For this next year, we’d like everyone to choose a month, that will be their “regular” month from here on out.  Of course, there is always swapping around, but it would be easier if we could just print a schedule and let it roll from there. So far this is what I have:
September–Elizabeth & Alyssa
(we’ll skip December, unless someone really wants to)
January–Field Trip to Road to California

When it is your turn, please send out an email about a week ahead, using the addresses from our Google Doc.  If you don’t have a link to that, email me and I’ll sent it over.

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